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Ana Del Castillo is a fierce and funny Cuban and Jewish woman who has been coaching, leading courses and publicly speaking for 20+ years. 

Her main focus and specialty is women and power; what it looks like, feels like, and translates into, in a real-world, real-time, way.  She understands and knows how to speak to the differences between power vs dominance and force, and coaches women on how to have and hold their power in a way that feels good for themselves and for the people around them. 

Another focus and specialty of hers is Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder; specifically she works with people hungry for insight, understanding and an insider's perspective about personality disorders, from how to deal effectively with trauma in ourselves and in our relationships, to how to become whole after an enormous life changing event. 


Ana has had an Interior Design Business, is an actress and singer who has performed on Broadway and on national tours such as Les Miserable, and is also a natural story-teller with a great sense of humor who's been featured with The Moth on NPR, at Lincoln Center and in their book, Occasional Magic


Ana lives with her fiancé in Los Angeles where she coaches, speaks, and is writing a 3rd draft of her one person show.

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