Speaking Engagements

Ana Del Castillo gives both heartfelt and thought-provoking talks about her own life, how to work through the challenges that overwhelm and feel impossible to overcome, and calls attention to dreaming big while focusing on the small. 


Ana leaves audiences with the key message, “Your Pain is Your Power and the Entry Point to Your Purpose”. 


Ana has had an amazing career - from performing on Broadway, singing for the president of the United States, working at the C-Suite level in Corporate America with CEOs, and coaching public figures in the music industry and political arena.  


She reminds audiences of the power of ‘doing things even when you want to sh*t your pants”, and in being and working in connection with others as opposed to going it alone. As she would say in her keynote, “connection is power”. By daring to risk putting yourself out there and connecting to the people who can make things happen things start to move because connection is where the action and traction is.  


She believes that a key part of “Doing Big Things in Life is by Focusing On the Small” which means taking small steps towards your goal and giving each small step everything you’ve got, and then moving on to the next small thing.  


Ana is an ‘overcomer’, having worked through truly unfathomable challenges.  Something she doesn’t take for granted, but nevertheless, in her inspiring keynote speeches, Ana Del Castillo reminds us that we’re all a bit stronger than we think we are. We’re all going to face challenges and the lessons we learn along our journey towards our Big Things are only going to help us overcome those new challenges we’ll certainly come up against.  As she would say, “the situations we face isn’t itself the tragedy – the tragedy is if we don’t take the time to understand the meaning of the challenge and then choose to be more open from it”.


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