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No More Gurus!

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

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No More Saviors, Gurus, and False Gods

For years I have worked, attended, trained and have been involved with transformational groups and organizations. I absolutely love the work they do and feel that I have been given invaluable knowledge and tools that I have used over and over again to grow exponentially with. In the decades that I have been working and training, I’ve had the opportunity and great good fortune of working with incredible teachers, experts and mentors. Some of which I am still friends with and reach out to for guidance today.

Over the years, I have also had the opportunity to spend time in organizations and groups that were, well… cultish. Groups that were run or led by self-aggrandizing leaders who thought they were doing “God’s work,” and who believed that they – or their path/program/organization alone – were the only things that could save you and give people access to the divine truth.

That’s a lie. No one person, mate, politician or leader has authority or ownership over our own inner connection to truth and our divine perfection. Anyone telling you differently is selling you something.

For example, I practice a form of Bikram style yoga just about every day. And I understand that the 26 postures in “Bikram” yoga is a path. It’s the practice itself that is the channel and pathway to the divine spot within me that is connected to something bigger than myself, not the cult of personality surrounding Bikram, the man. The daily practices I use to quiet my mind is what gives me a map to my own grace, not the man or woman who teaches me or preaches to me about my practice.

But I am speaking here to something bigger. In my humble opinion, we’re in a spiritual crisis. Collectively we are in the dangerous habit of outsourcing our own divine wisdom and power. Politically it’s why we’re in the predicament we’re in. We have been taught that we don’t have the keys to our own salvation; we have been conditioned to believe the lie that we are disconnected from the infinite source of power. And so like Pavlov’s dogs, we are habituated into powerlessness. But who wants powerlessness?? No one, so instead we settle for, and become addicted to, a toxic false sense of power in the form of saviors.

And in that toxic model, we desperately want to be seen as a ‘winner’ (i.e., powerful), but because we’ve been conditioned to feel and believe we’re powerless, we fashion people into false gods or demons and then sort ourselves behind them accordingly. Under these circumstances, cults, false gurus and self-aggrandizing politicians and spiritual leaders flourish.

This is where we are now. Collectively we are outsourcing our power and looking for the right God/politician/mate/guru to save us.

I get why. For a number of years I went looking for mates or people or groups or situations that professed to know ‘the answer’ because I didn’t have the courage to listen to my own intuition, or the confidence to trust in my own power. I mean here we are, eyeing another NY billionaire with questionable ideas at best about race, with autocratic leanings, to be president of the US because we want to win. ‘Maybe he’ll save us!’ But that’s what got us in this predicament in the first place; a whole mass of people who believed they were powerless decided they were tired of ‘losing’ voted for a ‘savior’.

It’s fucked. Can we all, just for one moment, agree that this shit is fucked and it does not fucking work??

The time for gurus, saviors, false gods and self-aggrandizing spiritual leaders and politicians is over. Politicians can’t and won’t save us. I don’t care what special powers or stances you think your politician has, our political salvation doesn’t lie with them. It lies with us.

Lovers can’t rescue us; we set them up to fail horribly because asking anyone to hold power that isn’t their own rots and corrupts them – and us – over time. So our rescue doesn’t lie with them. The best we can ever aim for with lovers is that they support and empower us in supporting and empowering ourselves.

And finally, false spiritual leader don’t want to save you. They want us powerless in need of them. The real thing – a mentor, a teacher or real spiritual advisor – will have us turn towards ourselves and our divine guidance for the answers. The false ones will tell us to ‘follow me and me alone’ and charge us $20,000 or more for a workshop, or $60,000 and above for a membership program to their divine path. Don’t do it. Save yourself and your money.

Listen, no one knows what the fuck they’re talking about. Some courageous, desperate people spend a lot of time mining through their own shit for the lotus within and then they talk about it. That’s all. And we call that wisdom. So if you really want to know the answers, do the same for yourself.

And please – no more gurus. No more saviors, no more gods, no more false prophets, no more fairy tales and prices/princesses. And please! No more black and white stances about politicians that you are convinced will “save us”. They can’t. They won’t.

Here’s a picture of a happy puppy playing with toilet paper to make it all better.

Photo by Daniël Maas on Unsplash

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